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I picked up the guitar at age 17. Starting that late, a soon understood that in order to get some results I had to practice a lot, and so I did. Basically I spent the next couple of years more or less attached to the guitar at all times. After about three years of studying by myself, I attended a national music school where I met my first guitar teacher, Mads Eriksen. Mads is among the best guitarist in Norway, and it was a great experience for me to study with him. He also encouraged me to go further, and after fulfilling my year of studies with him, I attended a summersession class at G.I.T in Hollywood, California, where I shared an apartment with the Turkish guitarplayer/composer Demir Demirkan.

At this point I did almost nothing but practice. I met a lot of cool musicians at the school with the same interest in music so this was a very inspiring time.

After finishing the summersession class I went back home to Norway where I continued my work with my band Tritonus, combined with a normal day job to get more money to return to G.I.T

In 1993 I returned to G.I.T to do a full year class. However, I managed to get by with starting directly into 3 quarter so I graduated after 6 months. Again I met a lot of cool people, and it was all very inspiring.

Up to now I had spent the last years practicing 4-8 hours a day besides school. I returned to Norway a few months after graduation and again continued my work with Tritonus.

In 1994 we released our second demotape "Shadowland" which was very well received by the European metal press.

This was about the same time as I met my wife Tone.

In 1995 i was invited by Jan Axel Blomberg to join Arcturus for their recording of "Aspiera hiems symfonia". This critically acclaimed album sold nice numbers and resulted in a lot of good reviews.

Recording this album was a great experience for me.

Shortly after this I recorded my debut instrumental soloalbum "Stylistic changes"

The few following years I was quite busy with building my house and my fulltime work.
Even though I always practice as much as possible, my life situation unfortunately resulted in less time spent on playing.

In 2000 I was contacted by Andy Winter to do some session work for a project called "Winds". I went into studio with Andy to lay down some solos on the debut mini album "Of entity and mind", and it turned out we worked great together. During this studio session we decided it would be great if I joined the band.

I live in together with my wife Tone, and our twin daughters Enya and Alvilde in Ytre Enebakk, a 30 minute drive outside Oslo wich is the capital of Norway.

I am currently working fulltime as a salesrep for the Norwegian audio company, Audio Media Professional.

Most of my sparetime is currently being spent recording the new Winds album, and the Tritonus debut album.