Get to firstpage Read some news? Here you will find information about me. Musical projects that I participate on. Want to learn som guitar-tricks? Download music, video etc. The pretty standard link page

Links My myspace site
Tritonus One of my main projects.
Winds One of my mainprojects.
Arcturus I recorded two albums with this band. On the the first one I did all the guitars (Aspera hiems symphonia), and on the the second album I played a couple of solo's (La Masquerade infernale).
Diabla I joined this band in studio as a session player.
Audio Media This is where i work, and a good place to call to get killer deals on audio and lighting equipment

Guitar Links

Mads Eriksen A really good norwegian guitarplayer, and my first guitar teacher. Check out his site!

Record Labels

The End Records This label handles the worldwide distribution of the Winds project.

Other Band and projects

Supermanics Really cool norwegian pop/rock act, whose drummer also work at Audio-Media Professional
Håvar Gjestvang The drummer of Supermanics, Penthouse Playboys and a bunch of other cool bands. Rock on dude!

Hardware and Gear

Line 6 makers of the legendary POD direct recording device, as well as other really cool guitar amps/processors
Altoproaudio Makers of really affordable quality audio products
Dasaudio Makers of really good quality sound reinforcement speakersystems, as well as some very nice and affordable studio monitors.
(i use a pair of Monitor 6 in my home studio and its sounds awesome!)
Proelgroup probably has the largest selection of musical acessories, cables stands etc. in the business.

Other Links of interest

MI GIT Home of the legendary GIT school where i graduated in 1994